Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend full of horses

It's been a lovely, horse-filled long weekend for me. Lots of quality time with Tucker. I had a great lesson on Saturday. We did another gymnastic, this time an 18' one-stride to a three foot oxer and a 2-stride to a 3 foot vertical. He is getting really smart about the gymnastics and his jump feels absolutely amazing. After my great lesson, I rode Kal out in our big grass field, and he was fantastic, as always.

Yesterday I worked at Whitmere for the day, which meant Tucker got extra spoiled, including breakfast in bed:

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and a friend of mine and I went on a nice trail ride in the afternoon. She rode Tucker because her horse is recovering from a slight tendon strain and I rode Kal. Beautiful day, good company, sure-footed horses. Couldn't ask for anything more.

I heard that Julie arrived safely at Stones Throw Farm in Florida yesterday morning and got herself a bath. The first group they put her out with wasn't successful because she kept "sticking her nose where it didn't belong," but they were able to put her with a smaller group for now where she seems to be doing okay. I'm relieved that the trip is over.

Lastly, here are some nice shots of Tucker turned out in his field on Saturday night:

Looks like he may have gained a little weight since I last took pictures of him in his field. What do you think?

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  1. I think I am jealous your horse can go out naked. What I wouldn't give to see my horse with no boots! Tucker looks fantastic! I am so glad that he is happy and that Julie made the trip safe and sound.


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