Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tucker Updates

Figured it's about time to update Tucker's devoted following on the subjects of a few prior posts.

First, I am very pleased to report that the martingale I purchased a while ago is now the same color as my schooling bridle. For those of you curious as to what I did to get it from bright yellow newmarket to a deep brown color that matches my havana bridle, I started by thoroughly cleaning with saddle soap to remove the wax, then soaked in Neatsfoot Oil for a few days. Let it sit in the sun to help absorb the oil. Used Hydrophane's darkening oil twice. Then just cleaned with saddle soap and oiled with Neatsfoot Oil every time I rode for the past three weeks, and now it's finally dark enough to match my Havana bridle. I've decided to use it as my show martingale, to dress up my plain tack a little (my other martingale is flat, this one is plain raised, so it's a little nicer looking). The next step will be to upgrade our show bridle. When Beval's has their big sale in February, I'm considering buying this one or this one and they may match the new martingale pretty closely. I have heard you can get them for about half their regular price during the sale. We'll see if February's budget will allow for that.

Second, I have decided to treat Tucker for a month with Omeprazole for his tummy trouble. I have not had him scoped but I put him on Maalox for a week, noticed a difference, and now that he's not had the Maalox for ten days, I thought he was pretty cranky off my leg last night. As I'm sure you all know, Maalox is not a treatment, but it just helped soothe the symptoms for a bit so we could decide if his behavior was stomach related. I found Omeprazole for $25.64 per tube if you order it in a batch of 14 at Omeprazole Direct. This is the best price I've found, even compared with buying UlcerGard or GastroGard through a local vet. I'm really hoping that it becomes more affordable this year now that the patent is up. As we go forward, I will probably treat him with one dose of Omeprazole before any stressor, such as a trailer ride, major change in routine (like when we stop night turnout for the winter), or a horse show.

Third, I've also started Tucker on SmartPaks. The organizational aspect and the auto-refill option has always appealed to me, and now he's going to be on three supplements so it makes sense for logistical reasons. Tucker has been on Grand Complete for about a year, which is a multi-vitamin supplement with lots of good stuff for joints, coat, and hooves. I tried A.B.C.'s Plus for the past month or so because I heard in the barn aisle that it helped with weight gain. It aids with digestion and nutrient absoprtion, so I figured it wouldn't hurt, but I haven't noticed a difference in his weight. So, I asked the COTH Hunter/Jumper forum and got quite a few recommendations for Cool Calories. It's not expensive, and it's basically like feeding vegetable oil but not as messy, so that's what we're going to try first. I'm also putting him on SmartGut, to help with the tummy trouble. To aid with weight gain, we've also added soaked beet pulp to Tucker's diet.

I have to say that the SmartPak representative was really helpful. Whitmere has a barn buddies account, which is a great idea and saves on shipping costs. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in shipping supplements to the farm for multiple horses.

Julie moves tonight from her current location to Stones Throw's NJ facility, and ships to Florida by Friday. They wanted her a couple of days early so that she can get oil before the long trip. I like the concientiousness already. Wish my luck getting my little kick-boxing filly on the trailer! (Don't worry, there will be drugs -- not letting anyone get hurt). I'll let everyone know how that goes tomorrow. Thanks again for all your supportive comments about my decision.

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  1. Hope the tummy medicine does the trick! Thanks for the update, and hope Julie makes the transition to Florida OK.


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