Saturday, September 12, 2009

House Guest

So, my landlady at the new farm has a beautiful border collie named Brock, and I swear he's one of the reasons I took this apartment. I just love running into him every morning as I'm on my way to work and being greeted by him when I get home at night. She's in Europe for a couple of weeks, so I get the pleasure of having Brock as my house guest at night! During the day he keeps track of the farm, chasing squirrels, monitoring the horses, keeping an eye on the comings and goings. But at night, instead of having him relegated to his doggie-bed in the garage, I offered to take him up to my apartment.
He is so well behaved and it's so nice to have a dog around! I know next to nothing about dog breeds but I think Brock is a pretty handsome guy! He's also a really good guy, which probably makes him even better looking. I love getting to know a new dog, and figuring out what tricks they know. Brock has a whole repertoire! He sits, lays down, rolls over, high fives, sits up, speaks, and crawls. I feel like me probably knows more stuff but I couldn't think of what else to ask him! He's a super mellow guy, lays down on his bed while you watch tv, likes to be groomed and will show you his belly for a good scratch. There is just nothing like a good dog.

And, he is really good with my cat. When I first brought him in the apartment, he wouldn't come up the stairs until Lilly had moved. One of the first things he did was lay down on his side below her perch on the back of my couch, I assume to let her know he was submitting to her. She, of course, pretended not to notice him and barely acknowledged his presence because she can't be bothered (even though she'd probably be terrified if he wasn't so well behaved). Oh and, in case you were wondering, yes that is her belly hanging over the side of the couch, yes she is on a diet, and yes she is highly insulted that you even brought it up. That aside, Lilly and Brock appear to have worked out a very peaceful coexistence.
I was supposed to horse show today but the rain has foiled my plans once again, so it looks like another gymnastic lesson in the indoor today. Tucker and I are going to be so good at gymnastics by the time this rain stops!


  1. Aww he's handsome! Cute freckles on his muzzle.

  2. What a wonderful house guest! Polite to Lilly...he's really a gentleman.

    (Lilly, don't listen, you look great! Tell your mom you're in your Marilyn Monroe phase.)



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