Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh... The Irony

So there's a hurricane coming up the Jersey Shore. With the same name as the aforementioned gentleman who caused the aforementioned moping and prolonged pity-party. In case you were wondering: My life DRIPS with irony. RUNS with it. I'm standing in a puddle of irony right now! I put it on my cereal! Okay, okay, I know. But seriously, the guy ruins everything. It is kind of funny though, reading about how "he" is churning up the ocean, going to give Nova Scotia a beating, ruining the weekend for shore-goers, etc. I've been through that storm myself, and it wasn't pretty.

Anyway. . . as a result of this hurricane, the Hunter Derby was rained out. Tucker did the suitable hunters yesterday though because the deluge didn't begin til minutes prior to the start of the Hunter Derby. He was fresh. He warmed up really quietly but then went in the ring and played pretty hard after two fences in the first round and one fence each in the second and third rounds. Alicia chose not to longe him beforehand because she wanted a little more energy for the changes. The changes were great, to her credit. Unfortunately, looks like Tucker is still a little green and still needs five or ten minutes on a longe before he can behave himself in the ring. Those few little moments aside though, he was very good.

It was also a good lesson for him, because Alicia has the presence of mind to tell him to stop playing and make him continue through the rest of the course like a gentleman. I, on the other hand, tend to tense up every fiber of my being and begin muttering various explitives. This does not exactly diffuse the situation.

I'm getting better though. I never posted about the last day at HITS, when we showed in the pouring rain. In the last class (which was otherwise a beautiful round), he slipped on landing from one of the fences, and performed Tucker's version of bucking (which is basically tucking his head to his chest, sticking his tail between his legs, and broncing/leaping. . . he vaguely resembles a puppy playing with a butterfly when he does this, but it feels as though you are about to be launched into orbit by 1200 pounds of fury. It's essentially harmless, but can be a little disconcerting). So, when he did this up at HITS, the only thought that ran through my head was "If. you. don't. relax. he. is. going. to. buck. you. off." So I took a deep breath, regained my stirrup, and jumped the next two lines. Which were beautiful. I probably learned more in the second minute of that round than I have on him in months.

Query: Why is relaxing on a horse so difficult? It sounds so simple. Yet so many of us struggle with it, no matter what discipline.

So the Hunter Derby at Duncraven will be rescheduled for tomorrow. As long as they schedule it for the morning (since Alicia is showing two horses in the Mini Prix), Tucker will still do it. I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, check out the Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington, KY! Live streaming video of Round 2 tonight at 6 p.m.! I promise I will do a more informative post later in the week where I gather some photos and video. For now though, here are a few photos and the course design for Round 1. The course looks really beautiful, and a lot of fun, and those horses are incredible! I love the look on some of their faces jumping the big long fence that looks like stacks of firewood. They look like they are just peaking through their knees in disbelief. Love it!

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  1. Girl we need to totally hang out. I think we have a lot of good stories to share. Hang in there, no guy is worth it. I'm just finding this out myself. Glad to hear the horse front is staying strong


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