Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hunter Derby Finals, Lexington Kentucky, Round One Video

Since Hurricane Bill ruined everything, we've decided not to do the Mini Derby at Duncraven with Tucker tomorrow. The rings are pretty soupy already, and it's supposed to rain overnight. So we're saving our money and Tucker's legs for another day. Such is life.

In other Derby news, however, please enjoy the video below of Round 1 of the Hunter Derby Finals in Lexington. All 56 horses did this round yesterday morning at 8 a.m. In the still photos, the course doesn't look that spooky, but boy when you see the video, it looks intimidating. It was a little windy, there were flags all over the ring, and even some of these derby horses got in there and were a little overwhelmed. The ring is absolutely huge, which makes for some really nice gallops. I just love how bold some of these horses are.

In case you don't want to watch all 3.5 hours of it like I did, here are the highlights:

Top six horses after all three rounds:

1. Rumba and John French, at 2:36:54 (won the first round shown above)
2. Jersey Boy and Jennifer Alfano, at 3:16:44
3. Foreign Encounter and Laura Pfeiffer, at 2:01:52
4. Early Applause and Maggie Jayne, at 2:47:04 (placed second in the first round)
5. Dominick and Peter Pletcher, at 1:31:40
6. Tiziano and Jessica Springsteen, at 2:49:59 (placed third in the first round)

Here's a full list of the results after all three rounds. Congrats!

So many of the horses at these finals are just incredible, but here are some other trips in Round One that I particularly loved:

Curtain Call and Courtney Calcagnini, at 31:28
Maui and Tiffany Morrisey, at 51:50
Aragon and Jenny Karazissis, at 1:55:29
On Top and Kirstie Dobbs, at 2:11:32
Peridot and Tammy Provost at 2:40:47
Graphiq and Chase Boggio at 2:53:20
Camira and Peter Pletcher at 3:23:36

Also a great example of grace under pressure: Trust Me and Tina Judge at 3:48:46. The second jump fell down in the wind as they were approaching, and they just came to a polite stop and waited for instructions from the officials and a re-set. The round wasn't flawless, probably both horse and rider were just the slightest bit rattled, but the horse is absolutely gorgeous and a total gentleman about the whole ordeal.

Hope you enjoy these rounds as much as I did! I just love the Derby. It is now officially my goal in life to someday become good enough to show Tucker in one. He's so brave, and so scopey, I think with a little more mileage under his belt and a little more accuracy and confidence on my part, he could definitely be an awesome derby horse. Not sure if we'll ever get there, but a girl can dream. . . .

Fyi, for a little background info, see my earlier post on Hunter Derbies.

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  1. Oh wow. I want to do this. I wonder where the closest one is...


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