Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hunter Derby Finals, Handy Round Videos

If you are a hunter fan like myself, be prepared to drool. . . .

John French and Rumba:

Jennifer Alfano and Jersey Boy:

Laura Pfeiffer and Foreign Encounter:

Maggie Jayne and Early Applause:

(Excuse me, I just need a moment to remove my bib. There we go. Where was I?) Oh yes, I hope you all enjoyed the derby videos!

On a more personal note, Alicia has decided that Tucker and I are going to do some low level jumper classes. I think this is a great idea, though I'm not really looking forward to the public humiliation that this may cause. As we stood by the ring waiting for Alicia to do the jump-off in the Duncraven Mini Prix (where she was 6th! -- amazing ride -- video coming soon), Alicia explained to me that if we're going to have a hunter, he's going to be the best hunter ever. Naturally, I can't argue with that. And now that you've seen some of the roll-backs in the handy round, I'm sure you'll agree that Tucker is definitely going to need a little practice in the jumper ring to become the Ultimate Derby Horse.

In other news, I have officially launched www.whitmere.net, which is my first attempt at website design. Obviously we don't have all the information and photos up yet, and Alicia and I talked about some minor re-organization, but I'd love to have your feedback so far! (By sheer coincidence, Stacey over at Behind the Bit is in the middle of a similar project. See her related post here).


  1. Beautiful riding and wonderfully talented horses. I only wish Possum and I could do that well. We can dream right?

  2. Of course you can dream! That's exactly what I do when I watch derby videos (it's my latest obsession -- I am always finding new ones online)! I'm thinking of just setting up a laptop in Tucker's stall so he can watch and learn. . . .

  3. So that's what it's supposed to look like, eh? Hmmmm...Those were pretty awesome horses and riders.

  4. Awesome! I love hunter derbies, they are bringing show hunters back to life. Thanks for posting.


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