Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retail therapy

So, I spent a small fortune this weekend getting Tucker some much-needed supplies (it's possible -- though I'll admit nothing -- that do to certain unfortunate unequestrian developments I was feeling slightly sorry for myself and decided to spend a little money on the man still remaining in my life). Our good friend (who moonlights around these parts as "Boomerang") joined us for a full afternoon of shopping at Dover and Horseman's Outlet. Can't think of a better way to spend a day! We both got new show coats for 50% off! Can't beat that. And, I found a shirt that matched mine perfectly on consignment for $30. You know how I love a good bargain.

Also on Tucker's shopping list:

1. A new rubber feed tub, so we stop getting huge welts on our face from attacking the hard plastic feed bucket when we eat;

2. Another small flat-backed bucket for the trailer for drinking while we nap in the shade and snack on our haynet;

3. Pull-on bell boots (I should seriously invest in whatever company makes these rubber pull-on bells that I have to keep buying every few months because someone chews on them. You can just hear him: "Wow, how convenient. A chew toy that's attached to me!");

4. Velcro bell boots for shows, for easy removal at the in-gate;

5. Two new white square pads for HITS (on sale at Dover, $9.99 -- can't beat it);

6. A new halter, because Tucker's turn out halter is currently held together with duct tape. . . and while we know that shabby chic is in these days, that's pushing it a little;

7. Another set of show breeches since we're showing three days at HITS and I only have two pairs and, well, I am about five and can't stay clean (went with the RJ Classics this time and loved the fit. I'll keep you posted on how they hold up.);

8. A longe whip -- since someone thinks it's cool to fake out his mom and crawl around the longe line these days like he's "soooo tired" instead of getting his bucks out;

9. Liniment (I like the Absorbine Gel), for those tired legs that work so hard jumping those big jumps (!);

10. Durasole, to keep those feet nice and tough in the wet weather;

11. Fly spray, went with a new brand because it was on sale -- Farnam Equisect. Again, I'll give you a product review after some testing;

12. Fuzzy hind ankle boots, because ours are literally worn through and probably about as effective as a pair of slippers right now;

13. Another set of overwraps, since we only have one set at the moment and tons of quilts;

14. A new martingale that matches our bridle that was also 50% off! (Note: the one he uses now matches my previous bridle, which was mangled beyond recognition when a less-than-careful former barn-worker left it hanging on the side of her trailer when she took Tucker home from a show one day).

I always try not to buy more than he needs, but this time seems like he really "needed" a lot! I can justify all the purchases above, I swear. Some we needed to replace broken things, others we just needed increased quantities of, others we had run out of. And some were just great deals that were too good to pass up. Now, the trick will be for me not to do any major spending while I am at HITS. "Step away from the Bevals trailer, Marissa. . . ."

At least when Julie is ready to start getting down to work, she'll have lots of hand-me-downs!


  1. Yeah, it's hard to avoid those tempting trailers at the shows! It seems they always put the most wonderful stuff out on display.

    Good that you got that out of the way - whew! Sounds like a good time - retail therapy can be helpful.

  2. I need a shopping spree too~! Moving granite made me aware of the things we are in lack of... wish we had a dover store, but I must settle w/ online shopping for now.

  3. Sounds like a fun (and very expensive) day!

  4. I think that you are conservative with your spending! You should have gotten some glitter (you know Tucker would love glitter) a fun crop and other totally pointless, yet cute, goodies. I also think that retail therapy is real and when you need a shopping trip you need a shopping trip. I am so excited for you going to HITS and also think you should let youself do some shopping. Give yourself a limit and put it in a seperate envelop in cash and only spend that. Better to spend $200 and leave happy then grab the credit card because you just loose control with all the great deals! And why on earth do you need to visit the Beval's trailer when the store is right there!!! Shop at other cool stores that have stuff you can't get all the time!

  5. You crack me up OTB. Given that Tucker is horrified by baths in general, glitter would be far beyond the humiliation level he can tolerate. He is also such a giant baby that he will basically throw himself on the ground in surrender if you pick up a crop, so I don't think I need one of those. I like the cash-in-envelope idea. Good thinking!


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