Friday, July 10, 2009


When your personal relationships start going awry, isn't it wonderful to have a horse in your life you can depend on?

I had such a great lesson last night. My horse is really growing up, and becoming super adjustable. Which, in turn, means I need to start riding him with a little more finesse and subtlety. It made me reflect on the past seven years with him. Our relationship has developed in such a lovely, natural way. I've been patient with him and never pushed him too hard, and he's generally progressed steadily, with minor ups and downs along the way.

He seems to be really ready to be a grown up now (which is more than I can say for some humans in my life). Alicia has these wonderful nonverbal conversations with our horses that she explains to us much later, which always amuse me. She said when she showed him two weeks ago, she got this feeling like he wants to be a baby sometimes and say "Aw, I'm just a kid, I can be silly," and she'd remind him, "No, you're old enough, be a grown up." And he'd just say "Oh, okay," and go back to his job.

So, we're now at the point in our relationship where he knows his job, and I need to start trusting him a little more. He's finding the jumps himself, is starting to see his own distances, and the struggle I'm facing is learning to let him. It's a real turning point in a relationship with a young horse, especially one you've raised yourself, when you have to realize that they are not the same greenie you've always been on. It's a transition that will take some time, but hopefully one we'll make with as much grace as possible.

I have a very early morning ahead of my tomorrow. I'm not showing until the last class of the day, but we don't think there's a schooling break so I'll have to be on him ready to jump around by 7:30, which means pulling into the show by 6:30 to lunge, sign in at the office, and hack, which means leaving the farm by 6, which means getting there by 5 to hook up the trailer, clean him up, and load, which means leaving my house by 4:40. . . Yikes. I better start sleeping now!


  1. I am sorry to hear that about your relationship. Maybe he was threatened by you winning a case (see...I can tease about anything because I am mean like that). I think going to a show is a great way to get your mind off things and Good Luck!

  2. Thanks OTB. The first quote at Grey Horse Matters today( between Churchill and Lady Astor adequately sums up the current state of things.... but good thing I still have a tall dark & handsome man in my life (even if he does have really big ears and a rather long face).

  3. One of the greatest parts of having a relationship with a horse is that you can always depend on him to be there for you in any set of circumstances.

    Have a wonderful time at the show it will be a wonderful learning experience for your horse.

  4. nothing like burying your head in the mane of your equine... amazing creatures.. Did a show here this weekend too.. an awesome adventure. Hope yours went great too

    happy trails

  5. Yes! I have a very ill feeling that I will end up burried in my boy's mane tonight. Thank god for him... he is worth every penny I have :)


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