Friday, July 17, 2009


So, I got that martingale for 50% off, great deal that I couldn't pass up. It's a Crosby raised standing martingale in newmarket (lighter than the one in that picture). Ended up being around $40. Pretty good deal.

I currently have a Crosby plain raised bridle that I school and show in. It's probably havana, it's really dark. It's a quality bridle but nothing fancy, just a plain hunter bridle. It's in decent shape except for a couple of tiny cracks in the browband that were there when I bought it (lightly used). The standing martingale I have is now pretty beat up, but functional for schooling purposes, and doesn't match the bridle (though it's close).

I oiled up the newly purchased martingale to see how dark it would get and if it was anywhere close to the color of my bridle. It's not. It's a lot lighter, but it's actually kind of a pretty color. It's more like the color of light wood stain. Not a color I necessarily would have picked, but it's kind of nice.

So, query. I could get hydrophane darkening oil and try to get it to match my current bridle, which is nice enough to use for schooling and shows but nothing fancy. Or, I could get another, fancier Crosby bridle in newmarket that would match the new martingale. I found one that's $207. Not unreasonably expensive, but not exactly just a drop in the bucket.

It's not the bridle I have been wanting, which is an Edgewood. On the one hand, I should save my money up and get the bridle I really want instead of a bridle I'm not sure about. On the other hand, maybe I can save the Edgewood for our next, fancier show bridle in a few years.

Opinions, readers?


  1. I say buy the Edgewood. As far as bridles go it is not that expensive and it will last forever. Why spend $200 on something that is okay when for $300 you could get what you really wanted. Btw...I love that your bargin is going to cost you more money in the end!

  2. Careful... that Edgewood is $300 without reins. With reins, it will come to $480. The martingale to match that one (assuming I'll try to darken the one I just bought to match my current bridle) is $200. So, all in all I'd have to save up about $680 before I bought that one. Unless I try to find used stuff/seconds/clearance on ebay, which might be a possibility. Still think it's worth it?

  3. oil your new purchase and hold out for what you want... if your going to change colors, you'll need a matching saddle... ;)

  4. I'd hold out for the one you want instead of spending money on one you don't really need right now.

  5. I hate to sound repetitive, but when it comes to tack, I've found it's best to just wait and get what I really want. If I don't, then I'm unhappy with what I have and end up buying what I wanted all along anyways.

  6. Good advice everyone. My next purchase will be darkening oil....


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