Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freshly mowed fields

I had an awesome ride on Tuesday night. I didn't do ring work though. It has finally, hopefully, stopped raining for a little while, so it seems every farmer on my drive to the barn was able to mow his or her fields on Tuesday and I drove with the windows down and the sun starting to set and the air smelled so sweet. Then I got to the barn and the big hunt field behind our big outdoor ring had also been mowed, and I figured that looked like the perfect place to ride. I sent Alicia a text just to make sure it was dry enough back there and then we tacked up and mowsied down the driveway to the big field.

Once we were out in the field, he was incredible. I thought to myself, "This is why they used to show hunters out in big hunt fields!" He felt just exactly the way every horse should feel. Light, forward, relaxed and happy. I love riding him out in the open because it gives me a great opportunity to work on straightness. Without an edge of the ring, we can work on lateral movements without the feeling that he's just drifting or bulging toward the rail, and really get the feeling that he's balanced off my outside rein. And the lead changes -- amazing out there! All I did was steer, it was such a great feeling. I came across this wide open field and started making a big reverse turn and he just got a little bolder in his canter and then did a perfect flying change before I even asked, and then cantered away relaxed and soft. It was such a great feeling.

He's a rock star.


  1. Sounds wonderful - how nice to have a field like that to ride in!

  2. Awesome! Wish I had access to that here! Reminds me of where I grew up where we had space to gallop our horses!

  3. I love riding in the field, the horses just seem so much more responsive and relaxed and happy. It must seem more natural to them.
    Isn't the smell of freshly mown hay delicious.


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