Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tapping the rockies (maybe)...

So I'm currently sitting in the airport waiting for a flight that is seriously delayed. They've just informed us that our plane is currently sitting on a runway in Chicago. Not really what we wanted to hear, since we're, oh about two and a half hours away from Chicago by plane. I found out recently that I'll be travelling back and forth to Denver throughout this summer. We have a big case out there, and things are starting to heat up.

While I'm sure Denver is lovely this time of year, I can't tell you how bummed I am to be travelling. Summer is supposed to be the time when I am riding my horse every night and going to horse shows on the weekend and instead I'll be sitting in airports or in a law office in Denver combing through boxes of documents. I'm not even sure if we'll make it to HITS.

Now, I know in this economy I should just be thankful that I still have a job, and I should probably shut up before Karma gets me fired, but being pulled away from Tucker for weeks at a time just seems like torture. What was that I was saying last week about a Horse/Life balance? Forget it. I don't want to balance anything! All horse, all the time, thank you very much.

Apartment update: I may have found an apartment on a horse farm, where Julie and I might be able to move to! The rent is a little less than what I pay now, and the board would also be less. I know I recently said the dressage farm is a great place for her right now, and it truly is. But how great would it be to have my little darling in my backyard?

If the apartment is at all decent, I feel like I might just have to take it. I just feel like Julie and I haven't developed the closeness I have with Tucker yet, and I would so love the opportunity to get to bond with her. At first, I spent hours with her at night during the first two weeks she was born.

Here she is sleeping in my lap at about ten days old (too cute for words I think). Sorry, I know the pics are kind of blurry -- but I took them myself and was trying not to disturb her! Since then, for a variety of reasons I've had to move her around to a few different barns, none of which were close enough for me to just stop by. So hopefully this apartment will work out. . . although I'd say she's a little too big to be my lap dog these days. :)


  1. Love the pictures of the baby horse! Hope all works out with job, apartment, etc.

  2. Well I hope the apartment works out! And that stinks with the case being all the way out there. My brother lives about 45 minutes outside of Denver and I will tell you that while it is no where near the horse country like it is around here there are horses every where you look. I hope the apartment works out! I could never live at the barn where Gen was...I would never get anything else done!!! When I would watch the farm where he was boarded the time would just fly by with all the chores and the extra Genny time involved. Who needs sleep when there is a pony to play with :P

  3. That's a good point... but don't you find that horses energize you more than sleep does? :)


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