Monday, June 15, 2009

So I've decided to create yet another horse blog...

So after a good friend of mine over at A Horse and a Half gave me the link to her blog over drinks one night, I thought, "maybe I should start a blog." But I figured no one would want to read about Tucker the Wunderkind and his little sister Julie. But then one day a friend gave me some German Horse Muffins and I found Behind the Bit, which led me over to The Literary Horse, and then I really started giving it some more thought. For the past few weeks, I've gotten a little addicted to learning about the daily lives of the equines in the lives of these three bloggers. So, I decided to try to join the ranks of these clever women and start my own blog about my little four legged darlings. I figured if I am fascinated reading about a bunch of horses I've never met, maybe others will want to hear about mine? Who knows? And if nothing else, it will be a journey in self-discovery. And there's nothing wrong with that.

So, the first post, I would imagine, must start with the introductions.

First, Tucker the Wunderkind. Tucker is now a seven-year-old gelding. He's a 17 hh Dutch Warmblood/ Thoroughbred Cross. The first day I met Tucker, I had just graduated from college and he was a gangly two-month-old colt. I went into the stall to say hi to his mom, whom I hadn't seen since my Christmas break, and he ran up and bit me in the stomach (just in case we weren't clear about exactly whose mom that was that I was talking to). Gee, your colt is charming, I thought. Please tell me I won't have to work with this one.

I then spent my year off between college and law school working at the farm where Tucker grew up, and steadily falling madly in love with this absolutely charming little weanling. As it turns out, first impressions aside, Tucker's main goal in life is to make his humans happy, and he tries really hard at reaching that goal. So, when I moved back to New Jersey to start law school, Tucker was in tow. So much for saving up money for law school.

By far, the best decision I've ever made. When I bought him, he was just Tucker. The "Wunderkind" nickname came along once I realized he's something of a baby genius. Tucker and I are now showing in the low adult hunters (@ 2'6") and working our way up to the 3' adult hunters. Tucker, being a Wunderkind, is ready willing and able to jump anything we point him at. His pilot, on the other hand, is still figuring things out. The goal is 3 feet by September. Stay tuned...

And then there's Julie. After working through law school at the baby farm where Tucker spent his childhood, I grew rather attached to a set of young horses from one particular brood mare, named Secret, to the left. Her babies were pretty, quiet, and easy. And they were all bays. My favorite.

So Julie was planned, though the night she was born (exactly one year ago today), I called the owner of both her parents and said... "Um, she's not what I ordered." I had "ordered" a bay with four white socks. I had patiently, repeatedly, explained this to her mother during her eleven month pregnancy.

But as I stood watching her come into this world, I saw two white socks... that became stockings... that became long white legs, and realized that at least in the color department, she'd be taking after her daddy, the beautiful and talented Raine Dance:

So little miss Julie has had her own opinion of things right from the very beginning.

She is a sweetheart, really, but some days she just rolls her pretty little eyes at us and explains that she's a little too pretty to be bossed around by a ridiculous human with a crazy idea about what the day's agenda should be. Right now, that agenda doesn't involve much more than grooming, bathing, leading, and the occasional run-in with a black-and-white-filly-eating monster commonly known as clippers. But I'm hoping this summer she and I will get to spend some quality time together. Those long white legs don't clean themselves, after all!

So, with introductions underway, welcome to my blog!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! And I cannot belive that is Julie in the last picture!!!! She has grown up so much! I cannot wait to read your blog! Welcome to the dark side :P

  2. Thanks! I promise to post often... Tucker & Julie have enough personality to keep me very busy, and hopefully keep you entertained!

  3. I've seen your blog mentioned on so many blog rolls that I had to see what all the fuss is about.

    Now I know.

    Awesome and relatable writing!Will definitely be reading through your entries.


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