Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rained out

Well... I had big plans to meet Alicia at the Horse Park where she is showing with a few other students and have a lesson during the break in her day, but sadly they are predicting severe thunderstorms. So, looks like it'll be just another boring day at the farm. But we are going to try again tomorrow. I really hope the storms don't keep us away from the Grand Prix Dressage Freestyles this afternoon.

I did have an amazing ride last night. One of those rides where he was swinging through his shoulder, relaxed through his back, reaching under himself, accepting my seat and leg and light as a feather in my hand. It was one of those days that had been gray and cloudy all day and then the sun came out around 5 pm, which made for perfect riding weather. We took a walk down the driveway, met the new kittens (which Tucker was really happy about), and rode in the big outdoor ring. The footing was a little soggy in one end because of all the rain this week, but we used the top 2/3 of the ring and had just a great ride. Nights like those make me realize how lucky I am to have a horse that is so thoroughly enjoyable to ride. He is an absolute pleasure.

Since this post isn't that exciting, I'll give you some pictures so you know there's no sarcasm when I say Tucker was excited about the new kittens. He LOVES cats. LOVES 'em. He's thinking about being one for Halloween this year. Hoping I'll get him one for his birthday. Small dogs are pretty cool too, but cats really make him happy. I love watching him attempt to desensitize cats to his presence until they will eventually allow him to snuggle with them. It's so endearing.

Probably more so than anything I could tell you, these pictures really show you what kind of a horse Tucker is.


  1. Tucker does indeed seem to be a lovely horse - you are fortunate to have him - and he to have you! My mare Maisie loves cats too - she likes to gently "snuff-a-whuff" them all over. Our barn cat Bob is pretty accepting of this.

  2. Thank you Kate, that's so nice of you! Glad to hear Tucker isn't the only cat-loving equine. There are tons of barn cats for Tucker to choose from at Whitmere, and they vary in their levels of acceptance of his snuffling....

  3. I am in LOVE with Tucker! He is beautiful! I love those rides as well - the ones when just everything goes right!

    Love the photos!

  4. Aw thank you Nina! That made me smile from ear to ear :) I'll let Tucker know he's got a fan club....


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