Monday, June 29, 2009

My first award! (I feel so special!)

This must be some kind of right-of-passage into the equine blog community. I received my first award! Kate over at A Year with Horses has given us the Honest Scrap award, awarded to blogs that speak honestly, from the heart. My reaction should give you a little honest insight to my personality: first, I beamed with pride (complete with mental image of me atop an Olympic-style podium receiving a gold medal for honesty in blogging); second, I panicked, over how one copies and pastes the image of the award into one's blog; third, I worried that I don't know ten other blogs upon which to bestow an award and I might be viewed as ungrateful. (*NB: remember how I said I had raised an over-acheiver Dutch Warmblood because I am one? This is what I'm talking about.)

So, here are the blogs upon which I'd like to bestow the award (in positively no particular order):

See, I do know ten blogs that speak from the heart! And as you can see from the image above, posting the award wasn't so hard either!

And now, in accordance with the rules (I am a rule follower, suprise, surprise), here are ten things about me that you didn't know. I'm going to do my best to make them non-horse-related, since at some point or another, the readers of this blog will likely know everything horse-related about me.

1. I love Jane Austen novels. I have read each of her big four at least twice each. (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma).
2. I can't cook, at all, but I was told just yesterday by one of my favorite fellow riders that I have a "fine hand" with a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.
3. I subscribe to the Wine Spectator, though I know next-to-nothing about wine. I'm learning, slowly, and I really enjoy the magazine.
4. I have no sense of direction. I could get lost in my own driveway. Tucker has perfected the art of keeping his balance during U-turns.
5. I have lived in the South of France and South Australia for extended periods of time. Both were amazing.

6. I set up one of my best friends and my brother about 5 years ago. It was a very casual first date, a Yankees/Red Sox game. They are now married and expecting their first baby! (Who, on his or her 6th birthday, will be getting a pony from Aunt Marissa. And hopefully will be showing Tucker in the leadline division in about five years).

7. I have a cat and a turtle. Both were rescues. The turtle doesn't particularly care for my grooming (scrubbing his shell with peroxide and a tooth brush) but the cat -- a former stray who lived in the middle of a big field at Tucker's baby farm -- has taken so well to being a pampered indoor cat that she will stand near the drawer containing her grooming supplies and cry to be brushed, and will even stand quietly under running water for her bath. Yes, really.

8. I have never eaten an egg. Unless you count french toast. They kind of gross me out.
9. I LOVE a good yard sale. This drives my boyfriend nuts, as I cannot walk or drive past one without stopping. Though I rarely buy anything, I always feel compelled to look. I just love poking around at other people's unwanted stuff.
10. I think the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the funniest show on television. I watch it every night before bed.


  1. I am touched and honored! Thank you! I will display it with pride. I don't have a copy of the award handbook...what are the rules?
    Oooooo...beaming. I like beaming. :)

  2. Thanks for the award! I definitely speak from the heart which leads to posts that at times I think only I would enjoy reading as they're so sappy about my kiddos and our adventures :) Love your blog!

  3. Jane Austen rocks! Wine is good, too! I've visited the south of France - stayed in Ansouis for a couple of weeks - lovely, but unfortunately I've never made it to Australia. A cat that is OK with bathing? Um . . . are you sure it's actually a cat?

  4. Hi Marissa, thanks so much for the award, I'm honored. I will put it up as soon as I can get to it. It's nice getting to know you and I like Jon Stewart too and rarely miss it.

  5. Thanks for the blog recommendations - it's always fun to find new and interesting blogs!

  6. Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting. Glad you are enjoying the blog, I am really enjoying writing it!

    As for the rules regarding the award, according to Kate, "If you receive this award, you are to credit the person who bestowed it, bestow it on 10 blogs (letting them know of the award) and tell your readers 10 things about yourself that they don't know. The award is supposed to go to blogs that speak honestly, from the heart."

    I've got more sitting in airport time coming up, so I'll be posting about Tucker's 3' debut last Sunday with Alicia! Alicia has video of the rounds that hopefully I'll be able to get up here as well. He was such a good boy!

  7. I am horse person and a Jane Austen freak, as well. I read literary criticism of JA at bedtime. How crazy. I love Jon Stewart, too. He's got to be one of the smartest guys out there.

    I also lived and rode in Connecticut. Where did you teach?

  8. Have you read the Jane Austen book club? I thought it was really cute. And yes, Jon Stewart is so clever. I have a bit of a crush on him, I think.

    The farm where I taught little kids and groomed was a hunter/jumper farm in Madison, CT, called Cedar Brook Farm. Bernie Keyes is the owner. Know of it?

  9. Why THANK YOU ;)
    Also- number 2,3,4 & 10 are the same here!
    Crazy stuff!


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