Sunday, June 21, 2009

I should have named him Kramer...

Tucker never ceases to crack me up. When I got to the farm today, the girls told me that moments before I arrived, he had been kneeling down with his head and neck sideways under the fence and his butt up in the air grazing around the perimeter of his paddock. What a goof ball. I've seen him do this before, it looks totally uncomfortable. Yet it's completely consistent with his personality. Number one, he thinks he's roughly the size of a jack russell; two, he's clever enough to problem-solve about how to get the grass on the other side of the fence; and three, he does ridiculous, hilarious stuff like that all the time.

One of the things I love about Sundays is bran mash for dinner. It smells like someone is baking oatmeal cookies, and the horses love it. I just love the sounds of contented slurping you hear all along the barn aisle. As I went to leave tonight Tucker stuck his head over the top of his door to say goodbye/see whether I had anything for him. He has bran mash in his ears, on his eyes, up his nose, down the front of one leg, and his forelock is sticking straight up like a mohawk, completely coated in bran mash. And because he was quasi-begging for treats, he had this really goofy look on his face. I swear, it was like seeing my future child looking up at me from a high-chair with spaghetti all over his face. I burst out laughing, and said "I should have named you Kramer."

See, when Tucker was a weanling, I was working at a farm in CT, grooming and teaching little kid up-down lessons. Tucker lived in the school horse barn, and had a paddock that led right into his stall. Being the mama's boy type, when he'd hear the sound of my voice bringing a lesson pony back into the barn from a lesson, he'd come flying into his stall and come to a sort of sliding stop with his head straight up in the air. One day one of the moms laughed at him and said "He looks just like Kramer bursting into Jerry's apartment!" Given that he was even more of a goof as a gangly, awkward weanling/yearling, the nickname quickly caught on.

I seriously considered making his show name "Kramer" but I thought. . . I can't give a goofy horse a goofy name. I should give him a classic name, a name to live up to. It was right after college, so I was totally broke. I couldn't afford cable, but my brother did give me a VCR, so I watched movies. Given that I was totally broke, I had a limited movie collection, most of which I bought at garage sales. I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's A LOT. Several times a week, in fact. So, I settled on Moon River for Tucker's show name. Not the most original, but at the time it had a lot of meaning. We were, after all, two drifters off to see the world. And Tucker is definitely a "Huckleberry friend." I wouldn't mind floating on a hand-made barge down the Mississippi River with him. In fact, but for the weight issue, he'd probably be my first choice in travel companion.

I am now struggling with naming Miss Julie. She's named after Julie Andrews, because I love The Sound of Music. I have considered naming her "Rainedrops on Roses," because her dad's name is Rainedance and her mom's show name is Rosewood. Her mom's barn name is Secret, which is also really pretty, but hasn't given me any ideas. I think Rainedrops on Roses might be a little to cutesie for an Adult Hunter though. It sounds more like a pony name.

Anyone have any good ideas? Stacey over at Behind the Bit made some good suggestions (see her post on show names), including Rained Out. I would love to hear your ideas. I wouldn't mind something related to her color, as long as it's not too typical (no Domino, no Oreo, no Black Tie, etc.). I thought "Chess" was kind of nice, but it doesn't seem feminine enough for her. She is definitely a girlie-girl. Here are a couple more pictures of her from last summer, in case that might inspire someone. The first one is her and her mom, a photo that I love.

So there's a few head shots of my little girl. Anyone got any great show names stirring around in their heads just waiting for the right horse?


  1. I LOVE the Tucker story!!! I can totally see him being a mess like that. But that is what makes him so freaking cute! I think you idea for a show name is cute! I love the idea of naming her after something in the sound of music...and "A problem like Maria" is not going to cut it! She is one of your favorite things. So I think your name is best, but if you are going to ask for more I will give you two (all Sound of Music related of course)

    Sound of Raine
    My Favorite Thing
    Problem Solver

  2. Rain Dancer? Her head looks just like her mom's - she's a pretty thing!

    The more I hear about Tucker, the more wonderful he sounds - sweet and very people-oriented. You're lucky to have such nice horses!

  3. You know... nothing really seems to be grabbing me. Maybe I just have to get to know her better....


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