Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anything for my equines...

By way of background, Tucker and Julie currently reside at different farms. Tucker lives at Whitmere with my trainer Alicia (who is a miracle worker, more on her later) and Julie lives at a small private dressage farm with another Oldenburg filly who is the same age. As you can see, they spent the winter cuddling.

So, I was considering moving Julie to a thoroughbred farm that's on the way to Tucker's farm. I could swing by and see her every day on my way to ride Tucker, make sure she's doing alright, pat her on the head. I'd probably see her a lot more often. The dressage farm where she lives is only ten minutes from Tucker, but it's in the other direction. Plus, the thoroughbred farm would save me about $80 a month, which of course would help out. We are in the middle of Tucker's show season, after all.

But then I went to see Julie for her birthday this weekend... and started talking to the owner of the dressage farm. Number one, Julie clearly loves him, and loves his little Oldenburg filly. Number two, he started telling me about the daily grooming she's been getting from his working student, and the weekly flea and tick baths, and the regular worming and probiotics when she needs it.... and I thought, what am I crazy? This is the perfect situation for her. I can suck it up and drive ten extra minutes.

So, my solution? Well if I want to save money, far be it from me to adjust the quality of life of one of my precious equines. Time to find a smaller apartment! So, I think I've found a place with one less room (but really, who needs a home office?) that's available July 1st.

The best part is, my boyfriend thought I'd be saving that extra money! Oh, silly boy. Remember when I got a bonus this year? And you said you bet I was going to find something horse-related to spend it on? It wasn't in my bank account for 24 hours before I bought myself a new saddle. Tucker really needed it though. What? He did.

It is rather amazing. If there is money to spare, there is always something Tucker needs. And if he doesn't, I'm sure Julie has outgrown something that requires replacing. But, as much as I stress about how much these guys cost and how little I'm able to save each month, I know I'd be miserable without them. Sigh.


  1. I hope you are moving closer to the ponies (or work) so at least something wont be so far away! I am the same way (as you know). I would much rather drive a crappy car and have 2 horses then have a nice car and be horseless! Money isn't everything! Happiness is.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! You go girl. :-) You'll make a great blogger.

  3. Thanks Jane! I just hope others will find my blog as humorous as I find yours!


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